Refurbished Leather Bag

This past week a friend and I took a trip to Nashville for his birthday to see Death Cab for Cutie for the second time. This is a photo from when we saw them last year. Who knew you couldn’t pictures at the Ryman?

Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie at Mud Island Amphitheater in Memphis, TN.

While we there, some friends and I went to the Goodwill Outlet to see what we could find. Not too long after we had been there I found this awesome leather bag for $2!

The bag was kind of stained and not really my favorite color. I soon decided that I would try to dye it! I was a little worried because I’ve never tried to dye leather.

I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased¬† “All-In-One” Tan leather dye for about $3.

As it turns out, leather dye is extremely easy to use! All you do is wipe it on the leather and it immediately soaks into the fabric. I continued to apply coats to achieve the desired color. Once I thought I’d succeeded, I let the bag dry thoroughly outside.

Helpful hint: If you’re using leather dye, make sure and wear gloves! A no-brainer I’m sure; however, I had a hole in my glove and still have a brown spot on my finger!

This is the bag completely dyed. I knew it would make it look cleaner, but I had no idea it would make the bag feel different. The bag was pretty warn to begin with but once I’d dyed it, it felt much thicker!

While I was at the Hobby Lobby, I found this awesome charm for a necklace. It was half off at the time so I decided to get it and decide later what I’d do with it.

After I started looking at the bag, I thought it needed something else. That’s when I remembered the charm I’d bought!

I used a thimble to help carefully make holes with a needle in the thick leather and then sewed the charm on using the jewelry rings.

This has quickly become my favorite bag. And the best part is…it cost me less than $10!


2 thoughts on “Refurbished Leather Bag

  1. That is a brilliant idea. I love looking around charity shops but I didn’t realise you could buy leather dye! I can’t believe how it has brightened up the leather. You have opened up a world of possibilities for me now. Thank you for sharing.

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