Homemade 50’s Saddle Locks

Homemade Saddle Locks

Every year my nieces have a father daughter dance for Valentines day. Each dance has a different unique theme. This year the theme was a 50’s sock hop!

Recently, a friend of mine sent me a link to a pair of keds that had been drawn on with a Sharpie to look like Oxfords. I was dying to try it out myself! And what better excuse than Saddle Locks for my nieces dance. I took a few pictures along the way so that you could try the look out for yourself!

Getting started…All you’ll need is a Sharpie and a pair of fresh white kicks!


I started by adding the circles and zigzags that begin the design.


Once I finished the out line, all that was left was to fill in the space in between.

Homemade Saddle Locks

The finished product!!

Ready for the Sock Hop

All ready for the sock hop!!


Three Dimensional Magazine Letters

Recently, while at the mall, I was looking in Earthbound and saw these three dimensional letters made from magazine pages. I thought to myself, “that’s easy enough!” So, I decided to make my very own magazine letter for a special friend.

Magazine Letter

Things you’ll need: Magazines to cut up for your strips, mod podge to use as glue and a paint brush. Here are a few pictures to show you my process. If you have any questions on the method just leave me a comment!

Use the paintbrush to roll your strips

I realized very soon after I’d started that the paper was way too thin to roll by hand. Helpful hint: Use a very small paintbrush to wrap your magazine strips around.

Glue the roll

Once you’ve made quite a few rolls made from your magazine strips, you’re ready to begin making your letter. You’ll need to choose a letter and cut two identical letters from a magazine. (I used the cover from my friends favorite album.) Get creative, spice it up!

Once you have your two letter pieces you can begin to glue your rolls together.

Continue until you have rows long enough to cover the width of your letter. Once your rows are long enough, you can glue them onto your letters.

Glue your magazinge rows onto your letter

Continue until you’ve covered your entire letter with rows or magazine rolls. When I finished I completely cover my three dimensional letter with mod podge just to ensure it would stay together.

Here is another picture of my finished letter.

Three Dimensional Magazine Letter

If you choose to make your own 3D letter, be forewarned…this is quite the tedious craft. Don’t give up once you’ve started…I’d love to see your finished product!