Crafty Clay Chrysanthemums

I’ve recently noticed a huge trend in earrings and bobby pins adorned with handmade clay objects. I started looking for them a few months ago and realized they were outrageously priced. I decided it would be cheaper and way more fun if I made my own. I just recently purchases a few molds on Etsy from Mold Muse and thought I’d show you a few things that could be made with them!

Here are a few clay Chrysanthemums and all of the things I needed to turn them into something special.

Once you have the Chrysanthemums, all you need is glue and whatever base you want to glue it to!

I decided to make a bobby pin,

a ring,

and earrings! So easy, it’s ridiculous…and pretty inexpensive.

Here’s the look!


Simple Button Earrings

Last night, while watching the Olympics, my dad pointed out that one of the American Gymnasts was wearing earrings made out of buttons. We both thought it was pretty much awesome and he practically dared me to make a pair. I decided to take his challenge and see what I could do. I took pictures along the way so you could try as well!

Ever wonder what to do with the extra buttons that come on your blouses? Well now you know, these two came as spares with my favorite blazer. I chose them because I really loved the idea of having matching earrings!

In order to make these earrings you’ll need earring posts with a flat base, strong craft glue. (Helpful hint: check that the glue works with metal and plastic.) I used Loctite’s Crafter’s Glue.

This is an extremely easy project. First, I applied enough glue to cover the base.

Then I lightly pressed the button onto the post. This step will cause glue to come up through the button holes. If you’re afraid your earrings will look funny, you can wipe away the excess glue. I let the glue dry this way for extra hold.

Once I had both buttons attached to their bases, I allowed them to try over night. You probably won’t have to wait that long; but, I thought better safe than sorry. I’d hate to try them on before they were completely dry and have permanent button earrings!

What do you think? I hope you will also try your hand at this simple craft!