Triangle Nail Art

I’ve been thinking of neat easy ways to do my nails lately. Today I decided I’d us three of my favorite colors to create my favorite shape for a hip new look.

For this easy look, you’ll need: Three colors and a steady hand…or tape of you’re afraid you can’t paint a triangle. I tried the tape but was too impatient and tore of my white polish…therefore, I decided to paint the triangles by hand.

I started out with a coat of clear t protect my natural nails. Next I painted them with two coats of white. (Helpful hint: Put the lightest color as your base, if not you’ll see the other colors through it.)

After the base coat is completely dried, you’ll use the second color to paint a large triangle that will take up half of your nail. I did every other nail with a triangle at the top and a triangle on the tip.

Once the second coat is completely dried, you can ad the smallest triangles.

To finish the look, top with a clear coat!

Keep a lookout, next up…marble nails and upon request, OWLS!